Josh Luckenbach


Josh Luckenbach

Josh Luckenbach is a poet whose recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Southern Review, Shenandoah, Nimrod, New Ohio Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, Nashville Review, and elsewhere. He received his MFA from the University of Arkansas and his BA from the University of Virginia where he graduated from the Area Program in Poetry Writing. He serves as Managing Editor for Iron Horse Literary Review and as Web Editor for the Coalition for Community Writing.



“Folds”The Shore, issue 20, Winter 2023.

“While on a Trip to Amherst” and “The World That We Were Children In”Copihue Poetry, volume 2.

“Dawn Comes”Cumberland River Review, July 2023, issue 12-3.

“The Skunk” and “Report, Arkansas”The Dodge, Spring 2023.

“Tantra” and “An Answer” — Birmingham Poetry Review, issue 50, Spring 2023

“The Happening” and “Aubade”New Ohio Review, Spring 2023, issue 32.

“Double Dactyl 18: Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day”Light, Winter/Spring 2023 Issue

“Trying to Let Things Be as They Are”Valparaiso Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 2022-2023, Volume XXIV, No. 1.

“Spring Poem” and “All at Once” — Alabama Literary Review, volume 31, 2022.

“The Worst of It”Shenandoah, Fall 2022, Volume 72, Number 1.

“A Dark Room” —  The Rupture, Fall 2022, issue 120.

“Landlord Ghazal” —  The Southern Review, Spring 2022 (print)

“We See What We Look At”Iron Horse Literary Review, January 2022

“You’re Invited if You Come Out” — Grist, Issue 14 (2021, print)

“After Reading the News”Cumberland River Review, October 2021, issue 10-4

“After the Quarantine Ends” — Nimrod International Journal, Fall 2021 (print)

“February in Deep Melancholy” and “Morning”On the Seawall, February 2021

“Eating the Tootsie Roll”Booth, July 2020

“Finally the Whispering Pines Motel Burned”Nashville Review, issue 27

Craft Essays, Etc.

“On Incantation, the Villanelle, and Kiki Petrosino’s Witch WifeShenandoah, Feb 2023

“7 Contemporary Poets on Revision” (as editor, with Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Natalie Shapero, Su Hwang, Chen Chen, Ama Codjoe, Emily Jungmin Yoon, and José Olivarez) — Iron Horse Literary Review, online, Dec 2022


“The Best Way to Expose Grace is Through Singing”: A Review of Joshua Burton’s Grace EngineEcoTheo Review, April 2023

Review of Hold by Bob HicokThe Arkansas International, 2018

Review of Holy Moly Carry Me by Erika MeitnerThe Arkansas International, 2018

Review of Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance by Fady JoudahThe Arkansas International, 2018

Review of Wade in the Water by Tracy K. SmithThe Arkansas International, 2018

Review of The Cataracts by Raymond McDanielThe Arkansas International, 2017



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